2022 Week #32 Brief Notes

Week #31 Breif Notes


AFL Championship Game

July 30th

Danube Dragons dominated Vienna Vikings to win the Austrian Bowl. 

Vienna Vikings         29

Danube Dragons    51

Prague Black Panthers ran all over Telfs Patriots to claim third place in the Consolation game.

Telfs Patriots              21

Prague Black Panthers 40

Division #1 Championship Game

July 31th

Top seed Fehervar Enthroners thrashed Amstetten Thunder in the Silver Bowl.

Amstetten Thunder     7

Fehervar Enthroner    42

Division #2 Championship Game

July 23, 202

Warlords stopped Styrian Reavers comeback in the last drive to win the game.

The Warlord was up 16-3 at halftime over Reavers. They added another touchdown in the third quarter to make it 23-3

However, the Reavers made the game exciting adding two touchdowns in the second half to make the game 23-17, but failed on the last drive against Warlord’s stingy defense. Vienna Warlords end up winning the Iron Bowl.

Vienna Warlords   23

 Styrian Reavers      17

Division #3 Championship Game


July 31, 2022


 Catfish Huskies dominated in every phase of the game against Pongus Ravens in the Challenge Bowl. 


Catfish Huskies   37

Ponguus Ravens   0

The League has a bye week this weekend. They resume on August 13th, 2022.

Shanghai Nighthawk vs Shanghai Stray Cats

Nanjing Tigers vs Suzhou Blue Knights

Hangzhou Osprey vs Shanghai Titans

Shanghai Beacon Wolves vs Shanghai Warriors 

Xuzhou Chuhan vs Hangzhou Smilodons

Wuhan Spicy vs Foshan Tigers

Shenzhen Buffalos vs Guangzhou Apaches

Nanchang Lancers vs Guangzhou Goats

Xi’an Panthers vs Zhengzhou Steamers

Chengdu Pandamen vs Tibet Starling





See Table & Schedule



EFL is having a bye week this weekend and will resume on August 13th of 2022,


The XFL will start the season kick-off on February 2023. They will eight teams and five teams from the 2020 season. Which are Arlington (TX), Houston,  St, Louis,  Seattle, and Washington DC, They added 3 new teams who are Orlando, San Antonio, and Las Vegas who replace Tampa Bay Vipers, New York Guardians, and Los Angles Wildcat


This is the XFL’s Third attempt to make it past the first season. 2001 they went bankrupt in the middle of the season.


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