2022 – EFL – Preview of the EFL 2022 Season

Preview of The EFL 2022 Season

The summer season of 2022 has finally arrived and EFL is kicking off its second season. The EFL jumped from 8 to 12 teams and added an extra division. We will see if EFL champion Frankfurt Galaxy can hold on to their throne after knocking off Hamburg Sea Devils in last year’s EFL Championship game.


There will be three divisions in the league with four teams in each division. The four new teams are Istanbul Rams, Rhine Fire, Tirol Raiders, and Vienna Vikings.


North Division are Berlin Thunders, Hamburg Sea Devils, Leipzig Kings and Wroclaw Panthers,


South Division are Frankfurt Galaxy, Stuttgart Surge, Tirol Raiders, and Vienna Vikings.


Central Division are Barcelona Dragons, Cologne Centurions, Istanbul Rams, and Rhein Fire.


However, the EFL is looking to expand in 2023 with the possibility of adding 4 new teams, Milan Seamen, Hungarian Enthroners, and Helvetic Guards. The fourth team will be added soon. There is speculation that Amsterdam Admirals might be the fourth team. EFL’s goal is to expand to 24 teams in 10 countries in cities such as London, Paris, Madrid, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Brussels, and more to be added.


The three teams that are favorites to win in their divisions are the Hamburg Sea Devils in the North, Barcelona Dragons in the South, and Frankfurt Galaxy in the Central. The wild card teams would either be Vienna Vikings or Tirol Raiders.


The toughest Division appears to be the North division because their three very good teams in that division. Last year’s EFL Champion Frankfurt Galaxy and two top teams from Austria are The Vienna Vikings and Tirol Raiders. 


The weakest Division is the South Division because Barcelona Dragons were 3-7 and Cologne went 5-5 last year.  In addition, two new teams Rhine Fire and Istanbul Rams aren’t exactly powerhouse teams like Vienna Vikings and Tirol Raiders.





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