Mexico: LFA is back after 2 years hiatus


      Finally, American Football is back after 2 years of hiatus because of Covid 19 pandemic started in March of 2020. The LFA starts the 2022 season on March 5th and has 6 games season. They added three new trams to make a seven teams League.


      When the 2020 season started, the LFA was halfway into the season before the league had to suspend the season because of Covid 19. The rest of the world follows as well except for the NFL and College Football in the USA. The 2021 season was suspended because of Mexican Covid 19 Policy. Now we are at the tail end of the pandemic and they approved to start the 2022 season.


      The league has seven teams this year and will play 6 games in 7 weeks. The season starts March 5th and ends April 30th. They play off will play one week after the end of the regular season end. The top six teams will enter the playoff. The top two teams will have a bye week and will play the winner of the wild card game. May 21th will play the Tazon Mexico (Mexico Bowl). but the league hasn’t determined the location and time yet.

     LFA has added three new teams and lost 4 teams from the 2020 season. Tijuana Galagos, Jalisco Kings and 

Querétaro Black Roosters are the new teams for the 2022 season. The 4 teams that are out this season are Querétaro City Pioneros, Mexico City Condors, Puebla City Artilleros and Toluca Osos.  The other four teams that exist from the 2020 season are the Naucalpan Raptors, Saltillo Dinos, Monterrey Fundidores, and Mexico City Mexicas. They mostly contain Mexican players and a few small college players from the USA. They are a hand few of players from Europe in countries such as Germany, Hungry and other places.



  1. Naucalpan Raptors
  2. Monterrey Fundidores
  3. Querétaro Black Roosters
  4. Saltillo Dinos
  5. Mexico City Mexicas
  6. Jalisco Kings
  7. Tijuana Galagos







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