The Second half of the Eredivisie Premier League


The Second half of the Eredivisie Premier League


The Eredivisie Premier League just start the second half of the season, since the first half-season ends in November. The Amsterdam Crusaders are dominating Pool A  and Arnhem Falcons are in second place by one game difference.  In Pool B they are a battle between Lelystad Commanders and Rotterdam 010 Trojans. However, Almere Flevo Phantoms folded at the beginning of the season and forfeited every game on their schedule.


They will play their game in the spring season every 3 weeks until their season ends on June 5th or completed all 10 games in their schedule.


The Amsterdam Crusaders could win the whole thing, but there one team is in their way, who are the Arnhem Falcons. They will play Crusaders twice this spring on April 10th and June 5th. Lelystad Commanders will play against Rotterdam 010 Trojan on May 22nd for first place in Pool B. The Commander beat the Trojans 21-20 the last time they played.


My prediction on the Tulp Bowl will be Arnhem Falcons vs Amsterdam Crusaders and the Crusaders will win the Tulp Bowl.

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