Preveiw of 2022 IFL Season

    The new league formed in 2017 with four teams to start the inaugural season Jerusalem Lions, Haifa Underdogs, HaSharon Pioneers, and Tel Aviv-Jaffa Sabres. First Israel Bowl, Jerusalem Lions Pioneers in overtime beats Haifa. The following year owner of the New England Patriots Robert Kraft sponsored the league ever since. He also donated Kraft Family Stadium to the league.

      Now, this brings us to the 2022 season and we don’t know what to expect this year. Last year Israel Bowl XIV Tel Aviv Pioneers defeated Jerusalem Lions in a closed game 13-8. Will this mean Tel Aviv Pioneers continue to dominate the season and repeat champion of IFL? or other teams well offset them like Jerusalem Lions was so close to the victory of Israel Bowl. 

      This year Be’er Sheva Black Swarm taking a hiatus and Petah Tikva Troopers return back to the league in 2018. They lost to Jerusalem Lions in Israel Bowl XII 29-26. Can they bring the championship formed they had in 2018? Only time will tell this Season. 

      Ramat HaSharon Hammers and Judean Rebels are the other two who are expected to play strong and dominated the league.


      They are back to playing the 10 game schedule and will play the post-season since Covid 19 pandemic began.


      This going to be an interesting year and expecting to see a lot of parity in this league from top to bottom.

Prediction on team ranking at the Final Season:

  1. Jerusalem Lions
  2. Ramat HaSharon Hammers
  3. Judean Rebels
  4. Tel Aviv Pioneers
  5. Petah Tikva Troopers
  6. Haifa Underdogs
  7. Mazkeret Batya Silverbacks

Israel Bowl XV: Judean Rebels will upset Jerusalem Lions

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