Week 18th Preview

This will be the last game of the season is rivalry weekend and also mean there are five teams are fighting for playoff spots. New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens, Las Vegas Raiders, and Pittsburgh Steelers hoping the other playoff teams will lose and make the playoff. These Wild Teams that can’t afford to lose the playoff spot are Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Chargers, San Fransico 49ers, and the Philadelphia Eagles.




San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams


     Ram’s can’t afford to lose the game because they can lose home-field advantage to Cardinals. On the other hand, the 49ers can’t afford to lose because they might be left out of the playoff. Since the 49ers battling with injuries in defensive, they have to shut down Cooper Kupp Rams leading receiver or it’s gonna be a long day. It looks more like Trey Lance might start again because Jimmy Garoppolo is nursing his injury Thumb. The Rams are in full strength and health.



Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles


      Don’t be surprised if Garner Minshaw starts for the Eagles with depleted running back and tight end and that is a tall task to overcome against Dallas Defense. Right along with that line, Eagles linebackers and secondary are devasted by covid 19. Key Cowboys defensive of players are out; such as DE Micah Parson rookie led the team with 13 sacks and Trevor Diggs led the league with 11 interceptionsCowboys. Eagles quarterback has to relay a heavy running and good precise passing while controlling the time of possession to pull off a victory, but Cowboys will be too much for the Eagles.

Prediction: Cowboys 27-10


New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins


      This is a must-win game for both teams because playoffs are at stake. New England has to win and hope for Buffalo Bills to lose to gain a home-field advantage. T0 keeps the Miami playoff hope alive, they must win this game outright. Miami Dolphins are healthy and at full strength in the depth chart, Pats are a little bang-up but they will be without their starter at middle linebacker Dont’a Hightower and strong safety Kyle Dugger. New England needs to stop the Dolphins mean sack machine. Even though Miami passes the ball well, they must run the ball well against the Patriot’s poor run defense. 

Prediction: Dolphins 14-10


Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders


     This game could turn into a heated blood bath because whoever wins this game will go to the playoff. This game going to be an offensive ariel air attack because both secondaries are the worst in the league. Raiders will be without their star running back Josh Jacobs the leading rusher on the team and Tight End Darren Waller their 2nd leading receiver on the team with 53 catches. WR Hunter Renfrow and the rest of the receivers going to have picked up their game. The Chargers going to have to utilize their Wide receivers to exploit the Raider’s weak secondary. Keenan Allen and Mike William going to have a field day against the Raiders.

Prediction: Chargers 37-33




Pittsburg Steelers at Baltimore Ravens


      Both Teams have glimmering hope to make the playoff, so they only are playing for pride. This game will be rather interesting because this believe to be Ben Roeslingburger’s last game after having a long Hall of Fame career. On the other side of the field is Lamar Jackson will not be playing in the last game of the season, so Tyler Huntly stepping in at quarterback. Ravens are the best rushing team who run all over the Steelers like a like doormat, Steelers are going to exploit the Raven’s weak secondary who worst in the league, Pittsburg has more upside than the Ravens in terms of an athlete on the roster. Adding salt to an old injury, the Ravens lost 5 consecutive games. 

Prediction: Steelers 24-21


Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns


     In the Ohio Bowl, each team was on 3 games consecutive streak but going in the opposite direction. Cincinnati is on 3 games winning streak and can afford to lose this game because they solidify home-field advantage for the playoff. They rest their starting play for the playoff such as RB Joe Mixon. Especially Joe Burrow because the Browns has two elite pass rushers in the game who are  Myles Garrett and Javon Clowny with 22 sacks combined. Brandon Allen will start at quarterback and on top of that defensive line is hampered by injuries and Covid 19 bug. Browns are on three games losing streak being without starting quarterback Baker Mayfield and running back Nick Chubb who rushed for 1,200 yards this year. 

Prediction: Browns 13-9


Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers


       Carolina is on 6 games losing streak and without Christain Mc Caffrey it has been a long season. So the Buccaneers should be able to relax and stay focused on the playoff. Don’t be surprised Tom Brady doesn’t start or play a few series and rest other players too. 

Prediction: Buccaneers 17-14


Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos


     This rivalry has always been a classic, but this year Bronco is out of the playoff, and as for the Chiefs just a warm-up game to them. Chiefs beat up at the running back position and wide receiver Tyreek Hill struggling with a heel injury. Denver lost 4 of their last 5 games without Teddy Bridgewater. The key to this game is how well can the Broncos rip apart The Chiefs defensive who have the worst defensive team in the league.

Prediction: Chiefs 21-20


New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons


      This rivalry is an old classic southern dixie started both expansion teams started in 1967. However, the Saints need to win this game to make it to the playoff. Since the Falcons are out of the playoff picture, they will be playing for pride and make New Orleans Saints earn the playoff spots. Saints are a little bang-up on the offensive line front that might hurt their productivity this game. Atlanta  Tight End Kyle Pitts their Leading receiver caught 66 passes and 1,018 yards, Matt Ryans’s go-to receiver.  If the Falon can run the ball against the Saint’s best-run defense in the league, they have a shot of winning the game. Also, the Falcons must contain QB Taysom Hill because he is an excellent runner. Saints have to improve the passing game to open the running game.

Prediction: Saints 23-14


New York Jets at Buffalo Bills


      Well if it isn’t romantic rivalry, the Northside verse Southside love story many fans come to embrace. Unfortunately, the Bills cant relax the game because they can easily lose home-field advantage to their rival New England Patriots. The Jets has the defensive team in the league, oppose to Buffalo has the number one defensive in the league. On top of that Bills has number one secondary in the league that doesn’t help the Jets much because they barely ran 100 yards a game. Expect Zach Wilson to run all over the field like a chicken head cut off.

Prediction: Bills 30-7


Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans


     The rivalry of old Houston verse the new Houston should be an entertaining game, to say the least. Tennessee cant relax this game because they are focused on the #1 seed in the AFC. That means the Titans have home-field advantage throughout the playoff. As crazy as this sounds, the Titans lost to Texans back November 21st, 22-13. Texans are like a broken stepchild with the worst offensive and defensive team in the league. Basically, Titans Quarterback Ryan Tannehill have to manage the game by running the ball a lot with running back D’onta Foreman at the helm.

Prediction: Titans 21-10 


Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions


      An old tradition Black and blue rivalry that lasted nearly 100 years old. This is a game Green Bay will try to take a commanding lead early in the game to the can rest some players dealing with injuries or rest players for the playoff. However, they still have to beat the Lions to gain access to home-field advantage throughout the playoff. Jared Goff will start the game today give the Lions a little more offensive power, but it is not enough to get past the Packers’ elite defensive in the league. Packer will use ball control using two-headed monster at Running back Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillion combined rush over 1,500 yards this season against the Lions’ worst run defense in the league. 

Prediction: Packers 21-16


Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals


      The LordyBirdy Bowl in Arizona, the battle the Seahawk against the Cardinals.  You would think it is going to be an air raid assault when you have quarterbacks like Russell Wilson and Kyle Murray who threw the ball anywhere at any time to rip the opponent’s secondary apart. Seattle will be missing MLB Bobby Wagner the heart and of the team as a leading tackler. Seahawks should use more of their passing game when you have Russell Wilson passing to WR Tyler Lockets and DK Metcalf who combing nearly 2,000 yards. Being Cardinals Running Backs James Conner and Chase Edmunds is bang-up, so they have to rely on more of the passing game. That would benefit the Cardinals because Seattle’s passing defense is ranked next to last. 

Prediction: Cardinal 35-31




Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings


      The game doesn’t mean much for neither team is not in the playoff, but there are playing for pride in a division known for the black and blue division. Andy Dalton will replace Justin Fields out with covid 19. Since Minnesota defensive is weak against run and passing games. QB Andy Dalton should be able to roam the field as he please. Running game is the Bears key success to slow down the game and control time of possession. it essential to keep the balls away from the Vikings as much as possible. Vikings are more of a passing team because they have Kirk Cousins air the ball out to wide Receiver Justin Jefferson and K.J. Osborn. Since Bears Secondary is one of the best in the league and they give the ball to RB Dalvin Cook more often. Vikings win all their game when Cook rushes for over 85 yards a game.  

Prediction: Vikings 27-24


Indianapolis Colts vs Jacksonville Jaguars


      An interesting fact is when Trevor Lawrence threw no interception in a game, they will either lose to a close game or they win a game. Since Colt’s secondary is bang-up and Trevor Lawrence throws no interception, this means Jaguars got a good chance of beating the Colts. For the Colts to try to avoid a loss to Jaguars, they should let running Back Jonathan Gordan run the ball as much as possible to move the chain and keep the clock running. QB Carson Wentz all has to do is manage the game to win this game.

Prediction: Jaguars 24-20


Wahington Football Team at New York Giants


      Quarterback Jake Fromm will be making his third start for the Giants and has been completing less than 50 pct and you can’t win like that.  The Giants have two running back that rush over a thousand yards combined are Saquon Barkley and Devontae Booker. The key to Washington’s victory is two things. First, running the ball down Giants throat. Secondly Washington Quarterback Taylor Heinicke just simply manage the clock and no turnover.

Prediction: Washington 20-13

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