Week 17th Game Preview

 Kansas City Cheif at Cincinnati Bengals

      This is very critical for the Bengals more than the Chiefs because the Bengals are up by one game over the Ravens in the AFC North division. On the other hand, the Chiefs can’t afford to lose a game or they will lose the top seed in AFC playoff spots. Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes should be able to pick apart weak secondary, but it will come down to who has a strong running game and fewer turnovers to have a better chance to win the game. 

Prediction: Bengals 42-35  


Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys

      Cowboys won 4th straight games and the Cardinals lost the last 3 games losing 1st place in the west to the Rams. The Cardinals have been struggling with massive injuries especially at the running back and tight end position, The Cowboys is playing good football in the past few weeks against the Giants, Saints, and Old Redskins twice. Those teams aren’t very good teams and the Cardinals are the much better team. I can talk about players and teams’ stats but it won’t affect the outcome of the game, Cardinals don’t have the depth to beat the Cowboys.

Prediction: Cowboys 20-13




Miami Dolphins at Tennessee Titans

      Dolphins started 1-7 in the first 8 games, however, they won the last 7 games largely the defense stepped up. The touchdown/intercept ratio is 3-10 and 33 sacks. Since the Tennessee offensive is thin to IR or covid 19, as well two key WR julio Jness and Nick Westbrook-Ikhins. Titans lost to straight games and RB Derek Henry has been out since the beginning of November. This will come down to sacks as the key to this game. All Titans lose because they give up too many sacks in the game. In the meantime, the Dolphins’ defense sacks their opponent has surged in the last seven games. Both teams are good at stopping the run. Expect them to pass the ball a little more often than they usually do.

Prediction: Dolphins 16-13


Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers

      The battle of the black and blue division when Packers and Vikings played many historic games in the past 30 years and it doesn’t get old to watch them. Both Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins can fling the ball all over the fields. In the last game, the Vikings won by 3 (34-31) on the last second’s field goal. Since Aaron Rogers has a toe injury, it be was to have him sit out the game and let backup QB Jordan Love play. After all, Packers could afford to lose a game with a 12-3 record and 1st seed in the NFC playoff, but they might lose the top seed. It’s a must-win for them and on the other hand, Vikings have to win this game to keep the playoff hope alive. The key match will be the trenches who can sustain a running game on offense between RB Dalvin Cook (Vikings) and RB A.J. Dillion (Packers) are capable of a +100 yards game. In the meantime, you watching a shootout in the aerial attack.

Prediction: Vikings 38-35


Los Angeles Rams at Baltimore Ravens

      This is a must-win game between the Rams vs the Ravens for them to stay alive in the playoff, Especially the Ravens are 8th seed just outside the playoff hut badly needed this victory, Rams is 3rd sees and don’t want to lose home-field advantage because with lose Cardinals can take their place. Crazy thing is that the Rams have a  4 game winning streak and the Ravens have 4 games losing streak without Lamer Jackson. It doesn’t look like Lamer Will start because he still nursing an ankle injury, so Tyler is stepping in his place. Both teams’ defense is very strong to stop the run but very weak in the secondary. Expect Rams QB Mathew Stafford to throw over +300 yards to favorite receiver Cooper Kupp who has 40 catches for almost 500 yrs in the last 4 games. The key for the Ravens is time possession by running the ball over 25 times a game and keep passing the ball to the leading receiver TE Mark Andrew wh has over 100 yards in the last three games. 

Prediction: Rams 20-10 


Atlanta Falcons at Buffalo Bills

      Bills cant relax against the Falcons for two reasons because they can’t afford to lose home-field playoff advantage to New England and the Falcons are fighting for a playoff spot. Falcons defense got ravished by COVID 19 that reducing the chance to win the game. Bills are healthy and ready to kick butt this game. The Bills defense is very stingy against the run and pass would give the Falcons problem on offense. The BillS need to run more against the Falcon’s weak defensive line and control the time of possession. Josh Allens have two really good receivers he can count on Stefon Diggs (89 catches & 1092 yards) and Cole Beasley (76 Catches & 640 yards) to keep aggressive his arsenal attack. As good as the Bills stop the run, all theirs six losses are when the opponent RB rushes over +100 yards in a game, this would have to be the Falcons’ main game plan to defeat the Bills. 

Prediction: Bills 28-10


Las Vegas Raiders at Indianapolis Colts

      Covid 19 is not very kind to the Raiders Defensive and Colts QB Carlson Wentz. Rumors have the Colts reach out to Phillips Rivers to come out of retirement to replace Wentz otherwise, backup QB will start the game. Every time Jonathan Taylor ran over +100 yards the Colts win a game. Since QB Wentz out with covid 19 mean the Colts rely heavily on the running game. Since the Colts have an average defense in the running and passing game, they need to hold Raiders rushing game to under 50 yards. Even Raiders throw over 300 yards passing, but they need good rushing support to keep the Colts on their toes.

Prediction: Raiders 27-24



Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Football Team

      The Eagles hanging in the7th spot in the playoff and can’t afford to lose the game or else they are out. However Washington will be playing for pride and players coming off the Covid 19 list, Eagles have a rathers interesting unusual style with Jalen Hurts playing quarterback because he doesn’t have to 300 yards to win the game. They rely a lot more on the running game, which makes them the top rushing team in the league.  Mainly when the Eagles dominate in defensive they are more likely to win the game. Antonio Gibson is out with Covid 19 which is a big loss for the Redskins because he ran for 891 yards and caught for 289 yards. When don’t run the ball well they lost all their game. Redskins back up running back have to set up in the running game. The only Redskins will run the ball well and stay ahead of the game and force the Eagles to pass the ball more often to have a better chance to win the game. 

Prediction: Eagles 27-10

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New York Jets

Buccanneers should beat the Jets in their sleep. Great defense, Brady having another great season because he RB Leonard Fournette rushing 812 yards andTE Rob Gronkowski is a big target and the best in NFL. However Wide receiver is ravished by injuries. Chris Godwin is their leading receiver out for the season, Both Mike Evans and Antonio Brown are nursing leg injuries that are questionable for the Sunday game. Since Buccaneers has a very solid run defense, but their secondary is weak. Zack Wilson will have to throw the ball over 250 yards and need to use his legs to beat them.

Prediction: Buccaneers 35-20


Houston Texans at San Francisco 49ers

      Houston is on two games winning streak because they have been running the ball well behind RB Rex Burkhead. It’s going to be a tough run against the 49ers  stingy defense ranks 7th best in the NFL. It’s looking like backup QB Trey Lance will start Sunday because starting QB Jimmy Grappolo is sitting out. 49ers have to establish a running game running back committee to control the clock. This means which team runs the ball more effectively will win the game. 

Prediction: 49ers 24-14 


Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots

      Patriots are on two-game losing streaks, but they cont lose to the Jaguars because they could knock themselves out of the playoff. On the other hand, Jaguars are devastated over Convid 19 especially tight end and defensive positions. Patriots game plan to run the ball because Jaguars is the 3rd best in the league. Trevor Lawrence will struggle against the Patriots strong secondary and tight depleted high end,

Prediction: 28-3




Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers

Both teams are a wrecked ship sinking ship in the middle of the ocean because of a heavy dose of injuries and Covid 19. Also, they are both on a two-game losing streak. Drew Lock’s second-string QB replaces Teddy Bridgewater on the IR list, he played well in the loss to the Raiders. The problem his supporting cast in the running back and wide receivers’ depth are very things. They lost to Jerry Jurdy WR Covid 19 and other players such as  RB Melvin Gordon, Javonte Williams, and Courtland Sutton are questionable for this Sunday game. Defensive is also depleted especially the defense of line and thin on depth. Even though the Chargers have the same issues as the Broncos, but their key players to play this Sunday such as QB Justin Herbert, RB Austin Ekeler, WR Keenan Allen, WR Mike Williams, and additions to some of the other starters. Denver has to use ball control offense to keep the Chargers off balance to slow the game down. Chargers show fast-paced offensive games to expose defensive weak defensive.

Prediction: Chargers 42-17 


Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints

The Panthers are on a five-game losing streak because of the offense of line giving up too many sacks and Christian Mc Caffrey hasn’t been playing much because of injury issues. Panthers have a better chance to win when Mc Caffrey because he is a multi-purpose running back. Defensive to pay more attention and that allows the quarterback to play much better in the game. Now with Mc Caffrey out of this week’s game, the Panthers have to run the ball more often and stop the Saints running game. Since Jamie Winston was out of the season, the Saints went through 3 different quarterbacks, Taysom Hill, Trevor Siemian, and Ian Brook. Look like Taysom Hill will be starting this Sunday, he is more of a dual-threat quarterback and does pass very well If Hill and RB Alvin Kamara have to establish a running game because the Panthers secondary 2nd in the league gave up 200 yards a game.

Prediction: Saints 13-7


Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

      This appears to be Ben Roethlisberger’s last game at Heinz Field and the fans appreciate him for Hall of Fame’s career. Both fighting to keep the playoff hope alive because the loser of the game is out of the playoff. The Browns have (RB Nick Chubb run 1143 yards) a very good running team third in the NFL, on the other hand, Steeler run defense is the worst in the NFL, ranked 32nd. Big Ben Roethlisberger got his hand full because the Browns have the best defense in the league. Two key players are Big Ben’s supporting cast, Najee Harris rushing 984 yards, 67 catches for 422 yards and Diontae Johnson 92 catches for 1,079 yards. Another key player who led the NFL in sacks is Steelers LB T.J. Watts 17.5 and Browns DE Myles Garrett 15 sacks are a game-changer. 

Prediction: Browns 24-17




New York Giants at Chicago Bears

      Both starting quarterbacks are out this Sunday Giants QB Daniel Jones and BearsQB Justin Fields due to injuries. Andy Dalton got the nod for the Bears, he has a good arm and needs to cut down on interceptions. If Andy Dalton doesn’t play well, then Nick Foles will step in to take over the team. Whoever quarterback will have a supporting cast RB David Montgomery and Khalil Herber.t combined effort rushing 1,126 yards. WR Darnell Mooney caught 62 passes for 860 yards and TE Cole Kmet caught 53 passes for 539 yards. Unlike Giants QB Mike Glennon doesn’t have a key player that the Bears have.

Prediction: Bears 23-10


Detroit Lions at Seattle Seahawks

      It’s looking like Lions QB Tim Boyle will make his second start this Sunday. He played pretty well on his last start. He is going to exploit the Seahawks ‘ weak secondary by taking a chance passing the ball down the field more frequently. Seahawk QB Russell Wilson will have to utilize his two wide receivers on the team, Tyler Lockett’s 65 catches for 1053 yards and DK Metcalf’s 64 catches for 846 yards. Since the Lions run defense is ranked 27th in the league, don’t be surprised RB Rashaad Penny will get +100 in this game. 

Prediction: Seahawks 28-13 

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